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The Bagpipe Instruction Manual

At last a basic manual that covers all major elements of Bagpipe set up and maintenance in an A5 size that fits conveniently in your pipe case. Not only for the new owner of an instrument, but a comprehensive tool for pipers of all levels.


Price Only AUD $19 + Postage


The Complete Pipers Handbook (NEW ed II)

The new improved second edition is the most comprehensive guide to the set up, maintenance, refinement and performance of the Great Highland Bagpipe available. A prestige, full colour, A4 publication with many photographs to illustrate every step of the way. Click here for full details.

" A must for the serious Piper at any level"

Price Only AUD $49 + Postage


The Bagpipe Pressure Gauge Manometer

The Bagpipe Gauge Monometer plugs into a drone whilst playing and monitors steadiness of blowing and pressure increases during changes of tunes. A great way to improve your blowing technique and overall ability to get a great tone. Best quaility mercury gauge and fittings. Come complete with instructions and practice suggestions.

Zip case also available below.

Price Only AUD $50 + Postage


The Logan's Complete Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe and CD-Rom

One of the most successful tutor books available. Used by quality pipers for generations. Complete with CD-Rom featuring sounfiles, practice guides, basic tunes and guides to help the transition onto bagpipes.

Practice Chanters are also available from our shop.

Price AUD $45 + Postage

College of Piping Tutor Part One

The College of Piping's famous Green tutor, now remodelled following the merger with the National Piping Centre. This is the world's best selling piping tutor. New tutors come and go but for fifty years the College Tutor One has stood the test of time. Tutor One now comes complete with a series of 27 online Video lessons. With a click of the mouse you can not only hear how your first piping movements should sound but actually see them being played. 

Practice Chanters also available from our Shop.

Price AUD $45 + Postage


College of Piping Piobaireachd Tutor

The College of Piping Tutor for Piobaireachd comes complete with tutorial CD, with the lessons and tunes sung and played on the practice chanter. It covers all of the basics and guides the beginner through the difficult problem of timing and expression. A must for all those wishing to learn the classical music of the pipes. Tunes include, The Company's Lament, Mackintosh's Banner, Glengarry's Lament, and Lament for Alastair Dearg.

Also the more comprehensive 115 Piobaireachd by PM WA Robertson can be found on the Advanced Publications page of this shop.

Price AUD $45 + Postage



Brett Tidswell Solo Piping CD (CD1)

Pipe Major Brett Tidswell's first full solo CD. Featuring a variety of competition style Marches, Strathspeys, Reels and much more. Click HERE for tune list.

Price AUD $19 + Postage

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Scotland the Brave CD by Brett Tidswell

This CD covers all of the basic piping idioms and many of the most popular tunes that pipers are requested to play. A great guide to how these tunes should be played and very pleasureable listening with many tunes like Amazing Grace and Flower of Scotland featuring tasteful backing tracks. Click HERE to see the tune list.

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