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Donald Bain (1933-1998), New Zealand was a well known competitor and judge in Scotland. Among many other prizes he won 3 Braemar Gold medals and the Gold medal at the Northern Meeting-Inverness in 1979, playing MacCrimmon's Sweetheart. He is also known as the teacher of Murray Henderson, Greg Wilson and many of New Zealand's top competitors. His influence also stretched to Australia where he regularly tutored and judged events run by the R U Brown Piobaireachd Society. These recordings were made during the 10 years that I recieved tuition from Donald. Here he teaches MacCrimmon's Sweetheart, The Glen is Mine and Munro's Salute which are great tunes for the early stage learners of Piobaireachd.


Donald Morrison (1927-1988), was Pipe Major of the Aberdeen Police and a well known competitor and judge. Originally from South Uist, he was a long term pupil of P/M Bob Nicol and a Piobaireachd authority in his own right winning the Gold medal at the Northern Meeting-Inverness in 1961. These recordings were made in 1985 when I had lessons with Donald in Scotland.


Bill Robertson, was Pipe Major of The Royal Scots. His profile can be found as a contributor on this web site.

More piobaireachd lessons by P/M Bill Robertson are available from his Piobaireachd Interactive Tutorials which are available from the Shop pages of this website.

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